Date:October 19, 2012
Community Service

Community support is very important in ensuring the sustainability of geothermal development activities. GRC helps provide correct and balanced information regarding geothermal energy, its benefit to the environment and its importance in elevating the prosperity of the community. GRC geoscientists and engineers have been involved in:

  • Producing guidelines for geothermal exploration and development
  • Socializing the Government plans of geothermal resource development
  • Geothermal general lectures for Indonesian youths
  • Providing technical assistance in geothermal exploration for Local Government staff and private sectors


In 2012 we initiate the development of Geothermal Education Park in Dieng geothermal field and tourism area. This is done through UGM Student Community Empowerment Program (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) with technical supervision from GRC experts.