Date:October 19, 2012
Geothermal Teaching

The GRC activities trigger the development and improvement of geothermal teaching syllabi, as well as inclusion of geothermal topics in related papers at the involved departments.

Geothermal geosciences and technology are taught at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following departments.

  • Geological Engineering

    Geothermal Geology
    Geothermal Geochemistry
    Subsurface Geology
    Energy Resources
  • Geophysics Study Prog. Faculty of Math. & Nat. Sci.

    Geothermal Geophysics

In Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Physical Engineering Departments Geothermal Engineering/Technology is taught as part of the following papers:

  • Chemical Engineering

    Renewable Energy
    Energy Utilization
    Unit Operation
  • Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

    Heat and Mass Transfer
    Fluid Dynamics
    Renewable Energy
    Electricity Generation System
  • Electrical & Informatics Engineering

    Electricity Generation System
    Distributed Power Generation
    Advanced Electric Machine
  • Physical Engineering

    Introduction to Renewable Energy
    Geothermal Electricity Generation

    Optimation of Power Generation
    Energy Management

Industrial expose for students and academic staff

  • Guest lectures by experts from geothermal and electricity companies
  • Student and staff fieldtrips to operating geothermal fields
  • Students and Junior Academic Staff internship in geothermal and electricity companies
  • Joint supervision for student thesis-writing projects
  • Joint R & D in geothermal geoscience and engineering/technology