Joint Geothermal Course 2013 – Advanced Geothermal Engineering Course


Following the success of running several courses in the previous years, Gadjah Mada University and The University of Auckland will soon run Joint Geothermal Course on Advanced Geothermal Engineering that will be conducted on 8 – 12 April 2013.

The instructors are geothermal experts from Gadjah Mada University and The University of Auckland New Zealand. The course programs include exercises, discussions and attending a cultural evening in Yogyakarta.

Complete lecture notes and sets of stationary/workshop kits will be provided however, the participants are advised to bring their own laptop. Each successful participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Award will be given to the best participant of each course.

A cultural evening (sponsored by Gadjah Mada University) will be organized in a beautiful suburb of Yogyakarta to introduce the culture of Java and to provide a relaxing social function and networking.

The courses are organized by The Geothermal Research Center, Faculty of Engineering and will be run at the Faculty of Engineering Campus, Jalan Grafika 2, Yogyakarta. We warmly invite geothermal geoscientists and engineers of Indonesia and the neighboring countries to enroll into these course programs as soon as possible due to limitation of seats. The course and lecture notes will be given in English.

Course details:
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University. Jalan Grafika 2, Yogyakarta.

Sadiq Zarrouk, Khasani, Samsul Kamal, Joko Waluyo and Agung Bramantya

Course fee:
IDR 15,000,000


  • Worldwide Geothermal Development and Types of Geothermal Systems
  • Geothermal Power Systems: Power Station & Steam Field Equipment
  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  • Heat and Mass Underground, Stored Heat Calculations
  • Geothermal Equipment Design
  • Geothermal Drilling & Measurement While Drilling
  • Completion Tests & Down-hole Measurements
  • Scaling & Corrosion in Geothermal Wells
  • Geothermal Flow Measurements
  • Stimulation of Geothermal Wells
  • Reinjection in Geothermal Reservoirs
  • Heat Transfer and Two Phase Flow in Geothermal Piping
  • Introduction to transient wellbore simulator (WELBORE) and reservoir simulator (PetraSim)


As a city of education and tourism Yogyakarta offers numbers of accommodation with various classes and types. Participants are encouraged to arrange their own accommodation and mean of transportation to/from the course venue

Those wishing to experience living in our postgraduate student environments may choose one of the affordable accommodations managed by Gadjah Mada University.
They are located within the Campus:

Wisma MM UGM (10-minute drive / 30-minute walk to the course venue)
Jalan Colombo Yogyakarta
Phone: (0274) 557981, 557982, 557983 / Fax: (0274) 557986

Wisma Kagama (5-minute drive / 15-minute walk to the course venue)
Boulevard Kampus UGM, Bulaksumur Blok G
Phone: (0274) 560142
Fax: (0274) 560186

Homestay UGM (3 to 5-minute drive / 10 to 15-minute walk to the course venue)
Enquiry and reservation: (0274) 563461, 557216, 649.1185
University Club (5-minute drive / 15-minute walk to the course venue)
Boulevard Kampus UGM
Phone: (0274) 563461, 557216, 649.1185

Lina Fermayasari (Miss)
Geothermal Research Center
Faculty of Engineering
Universitas Gadjah Mada
Jl.Grafika No.2 Yogyakarta 55281 Indonesia
Phone: +62-85743756802

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