Geothermal Short Courses & In-House Training

Course Managers: Dr. Pri Utami & Dr. Khasani

A. Short courses for geothermal professionals
Since 2010 UGM jointly with The University of Auckland and GNS Science, New Zealand run geothermal basic and advanced courses for Indonesian and overseas company staff. The courses are held at the Faculty of Engineering Campus, with an average duration of 5 days. The course activities include lectures, laboratory/field exercises, group project and presentations, and field trip (for basic courses) – combined with social and cultural functions.

The course topics offered vary from year to year in response to the need of the market.

Geothermal Development – where Science and Technology Meet

1. Basic Geothermal Geoscience and Engineering
2. Geothermal Reservoir Engineering

1. 3-D Geothermal System Modelling
2. Basic Geothermal Geoscience and Engineering
3. Advanced Geoscience for Geothermal Reservoir Monitoring (Supported by NZAID)

1. Advanced Geothermal Engineering
2. Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
3. Wellsite Geology and Post-drilling Science (Supported by NZAID)

B. Geothermal short courses for Government Staff
Since 2011 UGM in collaboration with the Center for Geological Resources, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia conduct 5-day geothermal course/technical assistance for Government Staff covering the following topics and activity:

1.    Geothermal Geosciences
2.    Geothermal Technology
3.    Environmental impact of geothermal development
4.    Natural hazard assessment in geothermal sites
5.    Geothermal potential assessment
6.    Geothermal Business Regulations in Indonesia
7.    Field trip

C. In-house training
Upon request GRC runs tailored in-house training for company staff. GRC provides expertise, training materials and to some extent, equipments.

Observation in-house training for Chevron Geothermal Indonesia

1. Structural geology and tectonics studies for geothermal exploration
2. Remote sensing for geothermal exploration
3. Wellsite geology in-house training for PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy