Current Research Group Activities

Geothermal geosciences
Research group leader: Dr. Pri Utami (Dept. of Geological Eng.)

Geothermal surveying and modelling * application of various subdisciplines of geology for geothermal resource development (remote sensing, volcanology, stratigraphy, structural and tectonic analyses, geohydrology, petrology and hydrothermal alteration mineralogy) * fluid geochemistry * geophysical techniques (magnetic, gravity, DC resistivity, CSAMT, MT, seismic)

Geothermal environmental monitoring & hazard mitigation
Research group leader: Dr. Wahyu Wilopo (Dept. of Geological Eng.)

Identification of pre-development environmental geology conditions of geothermal area * geohydrology investigation for geothermal environment monitoring * geologic hazard potential identification and mitigation

Geothermal reservoir engineering
Research group leader: Dr. Khasani (Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Eng.)

Geothermal reservoir properties evaluation * fluid flow modelling * geothermal reservoir management

Production and utilization technology
Research group leader: Dr. Samsul Kamal (Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Eng.)

Surface facility designing and testing * mini-turbine for small-scale geothermal power generation * direct utilization of geothermal resource for indigenous industries (agriculture, leisure and wellbeing)

Corrosion in geothermal production facilities
Research group leader: Dr. Kusmono (Dept. of Mechanical & Industrial Eng.)

Characterization and mitigation of corrosion

Scaling and utilization of geothermal by-products
Research group leader: Dr. Indra Perdana (Dept. of Chemical Eng.)

Geochemistry of geothermal fluid deposition *scaling mechanism and mitigation *utilization of geothermal mineral deposits